What is “Risky” and what is “Safe”? – Volatility and Inflation

Often I will see someone new to investing talk about being scared to invest in “risky” things like the stock market. When the world of investing seems wild and unknown there can be a psychological preference for “safe” investments like CDs or bonds, or something that is easier to intuitively understand, like real estate. TheContinue reading “What is “Risky” and what is “Safe”? – Volatility and Inflation”

Do You Want to Act Rich or Be Rich?

When I was a kid I was socially awkward and nerdy. Somehow my meager clothing allowance never seemed to extend far enough to get me anything that felt cool. I managed to tie those two things together in my mind and came to believe that if I just had enough money to wear fashionable clothesContinue reading “Do You Want to Act Rich or Be Rich?”

Becoming Rich Is Not Easy, But It Is Simple

You want to get rich, right? I want to get rich. Hell, we all do! That is the American Dream. Or something. In any case, building enough wealth to at least be secure and not stay up at night worrying about money is a great goal. So roll up your sleeves and let’s get started.Continue reading “Becoming Rich Is Not Easy, But It Is Simple”

Why We Should Talk More About Money

The old expression goes that you should talk about religion or politics at a dinner party for fear of wading into shark-infested waters. (Side note: remember back in Before Times, when you could get together with friends in person?) We do sometimes broach these subjects, infrequently to have measured, thoughtful exchanges of ideas, and moreContinue reading “Why We Should Talk More About Money”