Introducing myself

The best is yet to come. -Me.

I couldn’t say where I picked up this tagline, but I have carried this sentiment of optimism with me for two decades now. Life, with its ups and downs has been pretty great to me, but I choose to believe that there is always something better around the corner. This leads me to daydream big. My husband has learned to laugh ruefully at yet another “what if we spent summers in a new country each year?!” but also appreciates the eternal and often misplaced optimism “maybe tonight is the night the baby will finally sleep!”.

That isn’t to say that things are always great or I am always happy.

The last few years have actually been a roller coaster and the last six months especially so. As other parents may related, the highs are higher but the lows are significantly lower. Layer on top a growing sense of time being finite (hello, late 30s!) and a realization that fulfillment and meaning in life aren’t going to come from my career, I feel like I have a good amount to unpack. Blogging is cheaper and easier than therapy, so here we are.


Published by Ysette

Late 30s wife, mother of three, runner, biker, FIRE enthusiast, French speaker (toujours en train d'améliorer), sometimes player of horn/flute/piano, occasional reader of books. I left the workforce for good after 14 years in Aerospace and a short stint in Tech right before the Covid shutdown hit. FIRE, personal finance, investing are my side passions are I love sharing that knowledge with others.

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