On the edge of the cliff, poised to jump

The best is yet to come.

— Me

In a week and a half from now I will be giving my two-week notice at work. After 15 years in the workforce I will be calling it quits for good (for now at least). The term most commonly used is FIRE, Financial Independence, Retire Early. I’m beginning to think of it as the Life: the next phase. Like most big changes in life I expect it to have its ups and its downs. I am convinced that when I settle into a rhythm that whatever I find will be more meaningful and rewarding than what I have been blessed with so far. It may be a bumpy ride getting there; good thing I enjoy change in life.

#FIRE, #retirement, #freedom, #gratitude

Published by Ysette

Late 30s wife, mother of three, runner, biker, FIRE enthusiast, French speaker (toujours en train d'améliorer), sometimes player of horn/flute/piano, occasional reader of books. I left the workforce for good after 14 years in Aerospace and a short stint in Tech right before the Covid shutdown hit. FIRE, personal finance, investing are my side passions are I love sharing that knowledge with others.

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